Gradoli Family

Today is a very special day, we are launching our website and this is our first post that we share with you. We want to tell you more about our brand, our project, our family spirit and the origin of everything.

Gradoli born as a trademark of the union of de Grado and Olivares family names. Both families with origins and upbringing in the countryside of Extremadura in Spain, where olive oil has always been present in our lives for generations. The expertise of our ancestors in those lands now culminates in a dream with the creation of our brand Gradoli.

Gradoli believes that we can contribute to others with little things to make your life easier, happier and healthier. This is our spirit and ambition. We want to reflect it in our slogan «EAT, FEEL, LOVE»:

EAT: turn each meal in a real moment of pleasure. A special experience, full of flavors, unique and healthy food.

FEEL: enjoy your best moments with friends and family, always surrounded by Gradoli products.


LOVE: love what you like, love what you do, we want to help you adding some extra “love” to your dishes.

Our products, with an attractive and modern design, are all a part of us and with this philosophy we want to reach all corners of the world, every home, to make the kitchen and the food an unique moment of culinary quality, senses enjoyment, sharing and live emotions.

With that passion and delicacy with which we like to do things in our family, in Gradoli we offer natural products, which have been made with the highest quality and excellence to enjoy life in the healthiest way.

Additionally is important and we wanted to emphasize, that with this company from Extremadura brothers collaborate people we trust to help us in our daily lives to be able to realize this project. Professionals from different areas like traditional food producers, design, marketing, advertising and innovation at national and international level, that are helping us to make our dream possible.

Also we are teaching our values and spirit to our children as they will be the next GRADOLI generation.

Join us in this amazing project!gradoli_tendal_de_fotos

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