Healthy and Quality products, our «obsession»

When this beautiful and exciting project started, in the GRADOLI family we knew that would work only with products with just natural ingredients and the highest quality and what is more important, healthy for everyone, not matter if it is young or old, a concept in line with the philosophy of gourmet products that we like to include in our meals.

We started selecting for our oils catalog just Extra Virgin Olive and Vinegars from Extremadura and Andalusia. Incorporating also flavored and the most original dressings versions, stuffed and caramelized olives, some delicious cream goat cheese from Extremadura, tapenades, Andalusian olives, fish pates and fruit jams from Andalusia. We have always believed that we should work with different varieties of each product, so that everyone can have plenty of options to choose from supporting and enhancing the taste of our appetizers, meals and desserts.

To have original flavors is another of our premises to decide if a product should be a Gradoli product. We offer varieties with different flavors in all our products, we have new, original and healthy flavors always selected taking attention to their quality and how they are produced to assure they maintain all the health benefits of their ingredients to be used daily, such as:

Healthy and Quality Food GRADOLI

  • Olives, the best of Andalusia, with stuffed caramelized fruit or without. Enjoy them directly or in our oils and cheese creams. Oleic acid protects our hearts and gives us calcium and antioxidants.
  • Boletus in our aromatic oils and creams cheese, with properties to prevent cancer, cholesterol and give us antioxidants.
  • Sherry vinegar, is well known for its healing and antiseptic properties, valued in Europe and the Modern Age as a home remedy against flu and anemia. Recently studies show that has healthy physiological effects for our body.
  • Truffle, the «black gold of the kitchen», difficult to find, you can have infused in our aromatic vinegar and cheese creams, high in vitamin B, low in fat. Consumption in the months with more exposition to the sun can protect our skin.
  • Fish, important to include in our daily diet, you can do it tasting our European lobster pate a high-protein, low in fat and an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for your heart and brain.
  • The fig, present in our jams and olives, among others, is an important source of potassium and minerals. Helpfull to reduce and control blood pressure. Fig is a fruit with fiber, so eat it is beneficial to our digestive system.
  • The famous Pimenton de la Vera (paprika), known as the «Extremadura red gold». A star ingredient of our rich cream cheese, is scientifically proven that acts as a potent antioxidant in our body by neutralizing free radicals, as well as help regulate cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • We love the goat cheese, present in several varieties of our hand produced cream cheese. A good alternative for who is lactose intolerant or allergic to cow’s milk protein. Goat Cheese is an important source of protein and amino acids that help to regulate cholesterol.
  • Do not forget the ginger, for thousands of years, Arabic, Indian, and Asian healers prized ginger as food and medicine, now we have chosen to combin it with lemon in our jams. Ginger is a source of natural anti-inflammatory that can help digestion, reduces migraines, fight with premature aging and reduces stress levels.

GRADOLI familyAs you have seen, we just select for our catalogue products that enhance our food but also great to share with our family and friends to discover natural, healthy and full of flavor products that add benefits to our body.

Very soon you will find all of them in our shop. We always look for new healthy and innovative food to be added to our product range. Stay tuned to discover our future discoveries!



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