· About us ·

Our brand Gradoli comes from the union of de Grado and Olivares family names. Our family has been close to the Olive Oil since generations. We have grown in Extremadura-Spain, a place where olive oil has been produced since the roman time.  Our family participates from this rich heritage producing our own olive oil from generations ago.

As a family owned company, Gradoli care for the entire oil production and discovering with passion and delicacy needed to offer the best products. Knowing the desire of our customers to enjoy health and natural food, we have included new products under our Gradoli brand.

familia-degrado-02· Our beliefs ·

Eat healthy to make you feel better, share happiness and love in each of your dishes!

Our mission is to bring the world a new way to enjoy food, always looking for the well-being and healthy living.

Our goal is to help others to improve their quality of life by taking advantage of all the properties of our products. To do it, we use the best crops of the best varieties with the traditional processes updated to take advantage of the best technology.

Gradoli believes that we can contribute to others with little things to make your life easier, happier and healthier. This is our spirit and ambition.

All our products have a piece of us. With this philosophy we want to reach every corner and every home, to make the kitchen and the food a unique moment of culinary quality, sense enjoyment and sharing emotions.

This is a family company composed of three brothers and colleagues that work every day to make this goal a reality.

We invite you to be part of it!


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