Gradoli Gourmet offer a range of products always made using the highest quality ingredients, attractive and modern designed products to help you to enjoy the healthiest possible food. Turn your meals eating our products in a true moment of pleasure. A unique experience, full of flavors. Discover a little more about each product and its varieties, and find your own favorite!


· Extra Virgin Olive Oil ·

Discover the flavor of fresh olives. All our extra virgin oils are produced using just the best olives harvested from the best regions in Spain.

Enjoy the taste of the different varieties of olives with our unique range of Monovarietal oils or Coupage oil. All our extra virgin olive oil are milled in cold to preserve all their natural aromas. Our olive oils are great to enrich your dishes, no matter whether fish or meat or even your most delicate desserts.

· Extra Virgin Flavored Olive Oil ·

Extra Virgin Flavored olive oil is fantastic for making a special dressing in all your salads. Gradoli combines the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils with the best ingredients to create an unique mixture.

With Gradoli you will find the right flavored oil to enhance all of your dishes into a gourmet experience.



· Vinegar ·

Gradoli vinegar is produced in the traditional manner, natural fermentation of the best grapes in old barrels to produce the perfect way to enhance your salads, create a great Carpaccio or add depth of flavor to your recipes.

· Flavored Vinegar ·

Our flavored vinegars add excitement to each dish, marinades and sauces. We combine the best ingredients with finest natural barrel aged vinegar. Vinegar adds a sweet and complex aroma to the infused natural ingredients to create unique combinations to surprise friends with a gourmet touch in each meal.

· Pates & tapenades ·

Finest ingredients to bring sea and field to your plate. Create delicious and original appetizers or hors d’ouvres with our Gradoli Pates and Tapenades.

· Jam ·

Unique jams with no artificial colouring and preservatives created from 100% natural ingredients. Unique and originals blends to discover new flavors.

· Olives ·

A special selection of hand picked olives growth in Spain stuffed with natural caramelized fruit to have an unique and original experience.

· Cream Cheese ·

Pure cheese made in the traditional way using the finest milk from spanish goats and sheeps blended with great natural ingredients. Each variety is an unique flavor to amaze you.